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>>>>concealing--WHAT???  What on earth do these people imagine?

>>>    Maybe they'll come out of the woodwork and tell us.

>>You may have been bloxied.

Bloxied, huh?
Ok, sucazoid, show me your real face.
Your plastis smile won't do the trick.

>> I do not know, somewhere in this beautiful world
>>of the internet

The world of the internet is not beautiful.
If anything, it is quite ugly.
And with you DNA peddling ideas, you won't be able
to even comprehend that much.

>>some posts are mislaid. I know that I do not get them all
>>because I check dejanews and there they are.

And what does that have to do with ANYTHING?

>>Messages from Bloxy's are incredible.

Yep, that much even you, suckazoid, have to admit.

>> I suspect an eleventh grader who reads
>>WIRED and knows how to type.

>You see, mr. suckazoid, you make pronouncements again.
>And again, they are based on nothing, but prejudice.

>Now, according to what criteria and what sucking powers
>did you make these conclusions?


>Those are the scientists that stand on the way of discovery
>of anything genuinely significant.
>Those are the scientist, that program the minds of young
>generation in their boot camps of training, they call
>educational institutions, that are nothing but the training
>camps, teaching the next generation how to turn left,
>get up, sit down, march and kill, never quite telling
>them WHY.

All they train is obidience, not intelligence.
All they train is "rules" of the game, not intelligence.
All they train is following the party line, not intelligence.
All they train is fear of survival, and not intelligence.

>The only WHY is these sucky "family values", this ugly
>system of "good" and "bad", these opressive ideas of
>"in our interest"

and the "free [sucking] world".

>Those are the scientists, that are not scientists,
>but ideology peddlers for the benefit of the fat cat,
>exploiting everything that moves, and does not,
>for that matter.

They speak the same in any system, be it communist,
fascist, or suckitalist.

>You suck, worse than a black hole, dr. bio-programmer
>of the human intelligence.
>And you come here, to the place where the issues of
>intelligence are discussed, instead of going to places
>where you belong, the bio-robotics groups, and you
>speak of eternal stupidity and blindness.
>You speak of a human being, being nothing, but a machine,
>programmed to behave according to a limited set of instructions,
>you program it with.
>You reduce intelligence to a simple formula:
>Money = god,
>Got = money.
>That is all.
>>Those interested in how the brain works might look at
>What brain?
>"It is all in the DNA. There is just nothing else out there."

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