Hear radar waves

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>this is very interesting.
>However this methods need direkt skin contact or exactly tuned

If she's being targetted by means of electronic harrassment, then the latter
would make sense. Here are some points that may help to establish the usual
profile of an experimentation/political repression victim:

¤ Members of the military who volunteer for "testing" which is not very
specifically described to them
¤Student volunteers for psychological testing at a university where
government psychological research is done
¤Members of a family where one or more of the family members are or have
been employees of a government security agency or the military, especially
with cult/masonic involvement
¤Mental patients
¤People who do something that irritates someone who has good connections
with members of gov. agencies

>She had tried screening with aluminium foils and other things.
>Without success.
>Therefore I dont believe in the microwave theory in this case.

Has she tried shielding with copper-wire mesh behind the skull, i.e.?

>Another question is, why does only Anna hear the tones?
>Anybody should hear them.

If there is a set of electronic surveillance/biomedical control and she's
receiving auditory imput by means of pulsed microwaves, why should anybody
else hear the ear/intracraneal noises? A different matter is from external
clicking audible in cases of auto-activated bugs or sensors in a silent
room, i.e.

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