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> It's a big problem in our times... adverti[s]ing folks routinely take the
> "language-is-everything" position to such a well-over-done extreme that, in the
> onslaught of such (which is briefly discussed in AoK, Ap5), folks who're subjected
> to such can become overwhelmed, and manipulated via... you got it... shear
> force-recruitment and multiplication.

Do you see where the discussion's going? =Of course= "language" is powerful stuff...
=of course=.

It's "just" that, be-cause of the way folks' veiws on "human nature" have come to exist
as =only= the result of haphazard accumulation, folks've been encumbered with the
illusion that Truth, itself, "doesn't exist"... and the Savage result of this is that
folks've deemed folks who've experienced differently as being "worthy" of Slaughter, as
in "Yugoslavia" via, the armaments of War, or as in the U. S., via the armaments of
Financial Unscrupulousness, which weasles in using it's slogan, "buyer beware", as it's
all-inclusive "excuse" for the Ravaging of the Human Spirit for which it's responsible.

Can you see why I've jumped on "language"... remember my earlier discussions of the two
different ways of "being nice"? Well, saying anything to "get the sale" is an example
of the massive disconnectedness that exists between "language" and global TD
E/I-minimization... and such is "just"-the-opposite of Being Nice... the former is the
latter, Inverted... upside-down-and-backwards... and that such "passes" for "being
nice", as far as "getting the sale" is concerned, constitutes a rigorous measure of
just how great is the Ignorance that has had Humanity in its grasp.

If it weren't so-exceedingly-Tragic, it'd be downright hilarious... this Ignorance
which so Ravages all of us exists as Physically-Real stuff right in the flesh of
nervous systems. "Getting the sale", at the cost of bilking folks, is a bowing-down to
the Beast. And how does the Beast =always= "reward" such "reverance"? It "just"
jacks-up the overall Thermodynamics (to paraphrase E. A. Poe, "ever-more")... until,
across whole Societies, the threshold of the low-level amygdalar supersystem
configuration mechanism (AoK, Ap5) is exceeded, and nervous systems Invert.

Need a readily-observed example? The situation in the Middle East, right now, is the
paradigm toward which the whole world is heading, as the whole-Earth's-population
Thermodynamic, orchestrated by the "Beast"... the prevailing Ignorance of how nervous
systems process information... heats up. The time for Understanding is =Now=... not
"tomorrow"... not "after the 'market's' been milked for all it's worth"... =Now=. Why?
Because the  transition to Understanding =necessarily= follows a =curved= path...
ramping-up time is required... folks cannot just "snap their fingers", and "get the
Understanding"... acquiring it requires Physically-Real Work... the trophic
modifications to the neural topology in which it's embedded occur microscopic steps at
a time... if  populations wait until their "backs are up against the wall", the "Beast"
=always= wins... it's simple Thermodynamics. If the understanding isn't in-there when
the heat (TD E/I) heads toward infinity, nervous systems invert, slaughter ensues. Look
back through History... the Same-Stuff, repeatedly-Ravaging. It's all simple

Language is a powerful means of exchanging information. But if language is only
haphazardly-connected to the global TD E/I-minimization dynamics, what =could= be
communication exists only as a "random walk" that wastes energy without achieving
communication, and which amounts to nothing more than the force-recruitment and
multiplication of which even insects are capable.

Is "this how science is done"? Censor a body of work? Withhold it from those for whom
it was done? Don't even meet "on the field of the battle-for-Knowledge"? Just deny the
understanding's Existence? Pretend the haphazardly-accumulated stuff is all there is?
Bury your heads in the sand, and wait for the Beast to kick your butts?

As far as I'm concerned, it matters not whether my name is attached to this work. Call
me "mr. x" for all I care. But if Science continues to withhold the understanding from
those who will be, with =Certainty=, Ravaged for the lack of it, I'm going to hold
Science Responsible for that... clearly, Science Knows what it's doing.

These days, even the "stock market" writes that much right into the Public Record...
biggest month since 1987... when the Automation of Knowing... ms. was "published"
(1986... + "ramp-time")? Can't anyone see where all this ends? K. P. Collins

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