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>Thought that you might be interested in this post posted to the
>MS newsgroup.

>In July 1961 Dr Kersten Thiele, a Dusseldorf minister, was paid around
>one hundred and fifty pounds. This was because Thalidomide caused
>"had" caused nerve damage.

>If you take this drug how could you prove in a court that the cause
>of any damage wasn't your MS?

>This drug should NOT still be on the market, if America hadn't been
>so cautious an estimated 10,000 children would have been born
>deformed. Possibly double that would have died. Do you think
>that 30,000 damaged and dead children would have made a
> difference to whether this drug would be used today? I personally
>think that it would !

>Out of respect for the people this drug damaged, and the intelligence
>of people with MS and autoimmune immune disorders that include
>nerve damage, this drug should be stopped in its tracks.  

>*  The passing of 37 years does not make it right today. Todays
>    sales men and scientists play the same selling game ! *

>Before you jump on this post think about this, you still don't
>know the reason Thalidomide did what it did ! 

>Carol T

Thalidomide is now being used in drug trials as an effective anti cancer drug.
It has antiangiogenesis effects (i.e. reduces formatino of new blood vessels)
and so therefore would be quite dangerous (as we know) to qive to a pregnant
woman, but may have quite beneficial effects in (say) a post-menopausal 
woman with cancer. 

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