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Harry H Conover conover at tiac.net
Tue Nov 3 21:27:58 EST 1998

steve_dennis at my-dejanews.com wrote:
: Can someone help me find a reference to a book by Andrija Puharich where he
: quotes Warren S. McCulloch's work on structured water and nerve impulse
: transmission and Linus Pauling's work on water clathrates and anaesthesia? 
: This is very similar to the line of work later taken up by Dr. Roger Penrose
: and Dr Stuart Hameroff regarding anaesthesia and microtubules and their
: possible relationship to human consciousness.  Puharich was also one of the
: many proteges/associates of Warren S. McCulloch like Stuart Kaufmann and
: Brian Goodwin and many others.
: The book (or tract) by Puharich is called something like _The Magnetic Model
: of Matter_; it may be available from Andrew Michrowski at PACE in Canada. 
: Puharich, of course, was a pioneer in transdermal hearing research (he
: considered it a form of direct brain stimulation or DSB) and even extended
: that research into water hydrolysis, hence the topic of water structure.  I
: am also looking for any information on a person who worked with him named
: C.G. Vinod.

Huh?  May I assume that this post is not simply a joke?

Steve, your well worded post suggests you are a reasonably competent
and informed person.  In that context, Structured water?  Water
hydrolysis?  What is this all about?

You must recognize that sounds are not input to the brain in the form
of analog audio impulses but roughly a multiple pulse train corresponding 
to a Fast Fourier Transform of the input time domain waveform to
a frequency domain.  (This is why recently developed audio to brain 
interfaces are so sophisticated and complex, and have only a limited
quality of performance.)

Sturctured water and nerve impules?  Please elaborate, lest we come
to the conclusion that this is simply another Internet joke or
still more pseudo-science.

Sorry to come across as a "Party Pooper", but here we concentrate on
factual information and not impressive sounding buzz-words or 
fantasy.  Neither cut it here.

                                                Harry C.

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