mind/soul (blueprint??))

Seth Russell sethruss at clickshop.com
Tue Nov 3 19:10:36 EST 1998

Ray Scanlon wrote:

> It is for this reason that I argue that people should use the word "soul"
> instead of "mind" when referring to that which is aware. Let the brain think
> and let neuroscientists examine the brain. Let the soul (mind, self,
> intellect) be aware of the constellations of active neurons in the working
> brain. Let the soul be aware of them as "thoughts".

I have not been following this train and apologize if this has already been
covered.  But to me there is a grand distinction between "mind" and "soul".  Now
as these are natural language words they will be pointing to many different
things in many different minds, but in my mind (and I hazard a guess in most
people's minds) the word "soul" carries with it a lot of religious connotations
that are not present in the "mind" word.  Your paragraph above does not contain
any religious connections, so if you don't want those connotations, why not just
use the word "mind" and not confuse people with this other more controversial

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