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> K C Cheng <kccheng at> wrote:
> > Review articles on memory at the protein/molecule level were very common
> > earlier, in around 1970's.  However, since RNA was found to give
> > inconsistent results,  such articles are no longer as prominent.
> > Because molecules cannot account for memory and its necessary
> > functions,  it would be futle to seek out such references.
> Observe that in those times one talked about "RNA" as ONE kind of molecule...
> These days, one asks rather which of all the RNAs or their protein products
> may be involved, and how. The conclusion of K C Cheng that "molecules
> cannot account for..." is absolutely wrong.
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Re above:
How could molecules give rise to different colour sensations and
memories?  Or, allow memory pieces be reassembled into thoughts and be

kccheng ¾G«a¸s

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