request good review article

Richard Norman rsnorman at
Thu Nov 5 16:39:19 EST 1998

>If we see how action potentials are the only stimuli
>coming in to give rise to various sensations,  we must question what
>in those AP to distinguish one from another stimulus and therefore one
>sensation(colours, or sound pitches, etc.) from another, and one
>corresponding resulting memory from another.   What can be in the same
>type of action potentials to differentiate each specific stimuls from

I have, in fact, put an oscilloscope probe on various points inside a
computer and find that all the pulses look just the same.  What can be
the same type of pulses to differentiate code from data? numerical data
from text? nonsense text from impeccable prose?

Perhaps there is some new, mysterious, and unknown phenomenon going
on behind the scences in my machine even as I type this!

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