Decussation's Topology

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Wed Nov 4 23:32:59 EST 1998

No, this is certainly not what I was referring to.  This does not seem
to qualify as an example of an "insight" most of us have had and
subsequently accepted as a truism or rejected, depending on subsequent
experience and sophistication.  So far, I have not seen your use of
these terms clarified to the extent that one would care to comment on
them.  Your discourse does not focus very well on precise definition or
description, nor on precise propositions that can be evaluted.  It is
very easily derailed and perfused with what appear to be rather loose
associations, and sometimes couched in an arch sort of innuendo that
hints at your vast concern for humanity and sorrow over never very
clearly stated afflictions or ---??

So, no, this is not what I was speaking of.  It is a horse of a
different weird color.


In <3640F13C.B9BEE80E at> kkollins at
>[Focus extracted from the "Mind/Soul" thread. Please keep this
>I don't have time for the volume of the other discussion, nor am I
>inclined to get involved with it's argument. kpc]
>What about "decussation" and TD E/I-minimization, Frank? ken collins
>F. Frank LeFever wrote:
>> Over and over again, in this newsgroup, I see ignorant people
>> imagining
>> that their special insight is something unique, having not the
>> faintest
>> suspicion that others (smarter and better read than they, perhaps
>> older
>> as well) have had these same insights, long before, and either
>> accepted
>> them as truisms widely known, or elaborated on them and developed
>> further, or rejected them--depending on how the insight held up
>> against
>> experience.

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