Hear radar waves

DK cooper17.spamless at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 7 02:31:35 EST 1998

I just finished reading Penrose's book "Shadows of the Mind", in which
excatly the type of water brought up by the poster is described thusly:

"We might think that water, with its randomly moving molecules, is not a
sufficiently organized kind of structure for quantum-coherent oscillations
to be likely to occur. However, the water that is found in cells is not at
all like the ordinary water that is found in the oceans--disordered, with
molecules moving about in an incoherent random way. Some of it--and it is a
controversial matter how much--exists in an *ordered* state (sometimes
referred to as 'vicinal' water; cf. Hamerhof (1987), p. 172). Such an
ordered state of water may extend some 3 nm or more outwards from
cytoskeletal surfaces."


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