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Teodorico jpmouton11 at accesosis.es
Fri Nov 6 21:07:19 EST 1998

>Teodorico schrieb in Nachricht <71lc8k$43u$1 at diana.bcn.ibernet.es>...
>>Like the popular Faraday cage. But in case of suffering the latest kind of
>>military-intelligence EM anti-personnel weapons employing non-linear
>>inverse-scattering technique, any kind of shielding may be superfluous,
>>the copper-wire mesh (perhaps one of the most effective shieldings). And
>>cage could even be transformed into an antenna which would beam the signal
>>on the inside, enhancing the already ill-fated effects.

Hi; I'm back after five days without server.

>How did you manage it to protect yourself until now?

Well, I rest in war on the holy strength of my spirit. And when I'm at home,
I wear a copper-wire crown which barely shields, but wrecks some of the data
and it hinders a bit their hypnotical intrusions and induced artificial
dreams at sleep (3 or 4 hours a day). Yes, perhaps funny to see... I look
like King David with it.

>I would be more careful about what Im saying if I where you.
>Your knowledge is impressive.
>You are telling military secrets here...

Pardon? Almost everything I sent here is likely to be found on some books,
scientific magazines or hidden articles on the internet, however it may not
be easy for the average people to have access to it. The hard and truly
classified thing is what I keep inside for the releasing Day.

>If they track down your IP Adress and figure out who you are,
>wouldnt you be a preferred aim of this?
>any kind of shielding may be superfluous
>The only protection would be going to underground, hiding or
>changing your face and avoiding the Internet completely.

Let's see. I know WHO they are; and they know WHO I am. What it happens is
that we had known them before they knew who I am. I have no time now and
this is not the place, but I'll tell you that they started doing their sick
experimentation with my mother being pregnant of me, 30 years ago, in the
context of Pandora's project, from subjects related to the U.S. air force
base at Torrejón, in Madrid. They say that this project ended in 1970. I
tell you that this kind of long-term experimentation usually goes until the
victim bursts or is covertly assasinated, because once the experiment is
done, "the victim must die". Except in some rare cases. And they converted
this whole existence in a deep nightmare with the coward and miserable
complicity of the local police/military "intelligence".
However, since 1995, despite the even increased harassment they started to
understand it was too late for them and their long planned takeover. And for
their entire empire. These maniacs thought I would be another guinea pig,
and now they piss everyday on their pants as they know there is no turning
It's clear that you don't know what kind of degenerate psycopaths holds the
power behind the grim cover of the satanic cult of worldwide national
security, behind the cynical and antiphrasical democratic facade. Remember
that the more hidden a dictatorship is, the worse it is. Never before there
has been atrocities such as these, precisely because they are hidden from
the public view. Do you know how many innocent people is assasinated every
year by law enforcment subjects using direct energy weapons, in most
Occidental countries. In Spain, for instance, the powerful national police
took control over the separatist Basque country terrorism, but their
criminal pulsed laser/microwave planes still bombards my home many times a
for years I have been a TERRORIST in every store, business center or any
other public places; they kidnapped, injected and implanted me; I have been
a PUBLIC DANGER finally dismissed by "friends", family, neighbors, etc.
But let's get back to the U.S. Did you know that there are sophisticated
torture facilities at Langley, Florida, Dallas or Utah, all of them with
cremation ovens to get rid of the dissidents and experimentees without
evidence. Did you heard about the discovery at a California public storage
facility, past summer (1997), of thousands of little boxes containing
cremated human remains, ready to be spread over mountains and the Pacific
Ocean by the Vieira Flying Service -the company hired for that purpose-? Do
you know what sort of monstrosities the powerful ones do at their
masonic/satanic cults, like sodomizing and carving up new-born babies,
raping and torturing to expiration little boys and girls, slashing the womb
of pregnant women and devouring her child, etc. Things the masses can't even
figure out by means of their acquired, docile and fraudulent doctrine. It's
useless to say that the survivors of these trances are promptly engaged as
dissociative, robotic government programmed sex slaves/assassins in covert
intelligence ops. And we could go on and on... In fact, it's not that
difficult to jump out from the hellish circle of the integral propaganda
24/7; the hard thing is having the valor to do it.
You must have heard about Pandora's box. They put me in it. And soon you'll
know the true meaning behind its legend. And the true meaning of the
thunder's box, too.

"We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit:
let them die in their misery. For they feel not.
Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down
on the wretched and the weak: this is the law
of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world."

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