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Fri Nov 6 20:41:07 EST 1998

D.H. Kelly escribió en mensaje <71lue5$475 at enews2.newsguy.com>...
>teodorico wrote:
>>Like the popular Faraday cage. But in case of suffering the latest kind of
>>military-intelligence EM anti-personnel weapons employing non-linear
>>inverse-scattering technique, any kind of shielding may be superfluous,
>>the copper-wire mesh (perhaps one of the most effective shieldings).
>And they are aiming all this at little old you and I? It does make walking
>through the pasture a bit difficult.  Excuse me, but an ordinary rifle
>a much more effectivre anti-personnel weapon and uses a lot less energy.

In that concrete case, I was referring to electronic "non-lethal" harassment
related to sadistic covert experimentation or/and terrorist political
retaliation against annoying individuals for the established power. I have
to carry with both.

>Also you used the terms military and intelligence together - That's hard to
>believe. Often the people in command decide to start projects using
>technology which is far beyond their comprehension - doesnt work but good
>for a few bucks. Remember, these are the same people who tried to legislate
>pi =3.0.

This should be a disrupting trick or something...! is it? You have heard of
the Pentagon or the naval intelligence, for instance, I guess. The people in
command, I mean... you must be alluding to these ones, or do you really
believe that "elected" politicians are something else than mere puppets or
straw men in hands of the top military/masonic establishment! And, ok,
scientists (many without knowing with certainty which will be the final
purpose of the whole project they're working at) put the scientific
knowledge, but who gets the general information at the end?; who has direct
power of decision over the most advanced and incredible weapons?; who has
got control over the electromagnetic spectrum?; who holds the most
sophisticated techniques of brainwashing and mind/behavior control?; who
deals with the netherworld of parallel crime as big brother? Now put a
politician in the middle of all this...

>>And the
>>cage could even be transformed into an antenna which would beam the signal
>>on the inside, enhancing the already ill-fated effects.
>This is deeper in it. Try again after studying some EM theory.
>Don Kelly


No. It is hard time to know that the key to the last warfare technology
rests on the correct exploitation of three-dimensional geometry.

Thierry Mouton

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