Decussation's Topology

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Sat Nov 7 11:28:59 EST 1998

Even better would be if you could ask the folks at the New York Academy of
Science to allow me to do a presentation of NDT's stuff for them. My only
"link" to them is through my reading of their Spectacularly-Well-Done
publication, _The Sciences_ (it seems to me, they've got some kind of
Super-Editor (note to ALL: please, I've =no= Hope of doing anything for this
Publication... the prerequisite high-style, which is in =this= case, just
Excellent stuff, is "just" not in my make-up... this's just me, acknowledging
Truth... and besides, they've published stuff that argues (unsuccessfully)
against work I've done (my widely-circulated Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem)).

An in-person presentation opportunity is really =Necessary=, and since you've
stated that you've a connection to the NYAS, I must ask.

At this stage of things, any presentation that I'd do would have to be
"extemporaneous" (for reasons that I'll make clear at the presentation), I'll
just work from a set of notes that's not yet written. I'll present material
that's never been discussed anywhere, and provide =The KEY=, and explain that,

As my preferred presentation method is to diagram everything using colored
chaulk, all I'll need is =ample= chaulk-board space... the more-ample, the
better, because one of the things I'll do is tie everything together, and this
integrative "step" really requires that no diagrams be erased.

One difficulty is that there is so much that needs to be covered. This means
that the presentation needs to be lengthy... preferably an all-day affair...
but I'll take 15 minutes if that's all folks will allow.

I'll ask that the presentation be video taped, and that I receive a copy of the
tape, and permission to replicate it and disburse it with "no strings
attached", (I'll reduce this to the one Documenting copy, and the Right to make
personal backup copies, if the folks at NYAS agree to Publish the tape, making
it available for a =resonable= fee that they choose.)

No one will be "disappointed" with this use of their valuable "time". Cheers,
Frank, ken collins

kkollins at wrote:

> Frank, why not get together with colleagues, and select a "test" focus for
> our discussion? There are some things that I'll only discuss in-person...
> the rationale for which I'll explain at that presentation, if it ever
> happens.
> But if you come up with a topic, preferably, with a ref to which I've
> access, I'll deal with it... just remember, please, all of my studies have
> been with respect to global functionality, so anything you choose will,
> necessarily, require a lot of discussion, on my end, that might seem, at
> first, to be "irrelevant"... I'll tie things together, present designs for
> experimental tests, etc.
> If you don't want to select a topic, what I've got in mind is to knit the
> core of Economics together with the Neuroscience (to do here what I'll have
> to do elsewhere if I don't do it here... I'd rather do it here because
> there's Hope that folks here will be able to follow the Neuroscience, and
> that's unlikely in a non-Neuro place.)
> Please think it over and let me know. I'm going to catch up on my sleep
> this weekend :-) ken collins

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