Marijuana addiction?

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Sat Nov 7 15:08:44 EST 1998

=Anything= that's 'psychoactive', including many common food substances,
is 'Addictive'. Such 'Addiction' occurs "simply" be-cause, to the degree
that the substance does, in fact, alter convergence upon neural
activation "states", the Learning (development of activity-dependent
microscopic trophic (growth) modifications) that occurs will be
relatively-well with the substance-modified neural activation "states".

Thereafter, to the degree that the externally-administered substance is
absent from the neural Chemistry, the substance-dependent micromods
("Learning") will be relatively-less able to be converged upon. In order
to "offset" this relative-inability to achieve convergence with respect
to that which was "Learned" while under the influence of the
externally-administered substance, the neural topology tends to converge
upon the by-production of behaviors that will cause the host organism to
"seek" the external sources of the formerly-administered
external-administered substance upon which internal convergence is

This Verified Stuff has been "glossed-over" with respect to marijuana
because, customary use of marijuana has been "recreational", and, hence,
the Learning that has occurred during such "recreational" use is usually
with respect to relatively-non-enduringly-mattering Trivialities...
"social"-banter, impromptu sexual interludes, deliberate "vegging-out",

To see the larger thing =Completely= Verified, and Sorrowfully
=Documented=, all one has to do is Study the recent Election
=Initiatives= with respect to marijuana use... there, for all to ponder,
is the TD E/I-minimization (see all of AoK, and Ap8 in particular)
-governed by-production of behavioral =Seeking= of the
formerly-externally-administered 'Addictive' (as above) substance.

To the degree of all such stuff, any Society's overall
information-processing capacity is diminished. That is, to the degree of
such, what Society =Could= have Been is relatively Abandoned.

Everything discussed here stands =Proven=, and has stood =Proven= for
two Decades. K. P. Collins

Charles Frederick Goodin wrote:

> I'd always heard that marijuana (or THC) wasn't physiologically
> addictive.  Recently someone mentioned to me that there'd been some
> research that went against this.  Has anyone heard anything?
> chuk

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