Marijuana addiction?

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Sun Nov 8 20:22:27 EST 1998

Sorry, no "fish" here... I sent you the copy of AoK you asked for... it's all

I'll add, here, that the anti-Affirmative-Action ballot "initiatives" of the
recent election are the Same-Stuff that I described in my prior post in this
thread... only in the case of the anti-Affirmative-Action "initiatives" the
'Addictive' Stuff is the external-environment correlates of merely-long-familiar
experience, acquired via nothing more than happenstance... yet, it's so
'Addictive' that folks take "initiative" so as to perpetuate "moving-toward"
behavior with respect to such.

Again, all of this is explained in the "Automation of Knowing..." ms. (AoK).

Have I ever tried marijuana?


Did I inhale?


Anything else you'd like to know?

ken collins

Carol wrote:

> Ken:
>     Let me get this down in layman's lingo (or laywoman's to be gender and
> politically correct - hah!)  --- marijuana provides a link that is missing
> in some people's brain chemistry?
> >activation "states", the Learning (development of activity-dependent
> >microscopic trophic (growth) modifications) that occurs will be
> >relatively-well with the substance-modified neural activation "states".
>     Sometimes a person's brain produces a very small amount of or no
> transmitters at all (ie serotonin, dopamine, etc).  Is that what you're
> talking about?
>     Personally, I never found marijuana to be addictive in any way.  And I
> am one of those classified "addicts in recovery".  My brain craved other
> substances that has been dealt with prescription medication.  Better living
> through chemistry.
>     On the other hand, my ex-husband continues to be "addicted" to marijuana
> and it hasn't progressed to any other drug.  He's 52 years old and has been
> smoking since his '20's.
> >Thereafter, to the degree that the externally-administered substance is
> >absent from the neural Chemistry, the substance-dependent micromods
> >("Learning") will be relatively-less able to be converged upon. In order
>     What you are saying is that Learning is less likely to be accessed if
> you smoke pot while studying for a test and you're not stoned when you take
> the test?
> >To the degree of all such stuff, any Society's overall
> >information-processing capacity is diminished. That is, to the degree of
>     Not to mention rendering marriages senseless escapades ...  killer weed.
> Neuroscientifically yours,
> Carol aka drcomet
> "the dr is in"

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