Do nerve cells die due to little stimulation in hearing loss?

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Sun Nov 8 21:03:35 EST 1998

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> Hi there.  I had a head injury about 5 weeks ago and lost about 75% to
> 80% hearing in my right ear.  The ENT doc told me the hearing loss was
> conductive hearing loss instead of hearing loss caused by damage to the=

> nervous system.  He said that it would not be a big deal to have surger=
> and fix the ossicle bones (where he thinks the problem is).  I am
> leaning towards waiting about a year or so to see if the problem
> resolves itself (based on info obtained from someone else under similar=

> circumstances and from a book on hearing loss) instead of going under
> the knife now.  What I'd like to know is will waiting a year or so hurt=

> the nerve cells since the amount of hearing stimulation they are gettin=
> in that ear is quite low ("use it or lose it")?  Or should I get the
> bones fixed now so that the nerve cells get lots more stimulation and
> thus not die in a year or so?  When I pick up the phone and listen to
> the dial tone in the bad ear, I can barely hear it (loudness intensity
> is about 20% of the other ear) so there is a little bit reaching the
> nerves in that ear but not much.  Anyway *any* input at all on this
> would really be appreciated.  Thanks so much!
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> Bill
Re above:
I doubt very much that there would be any resulting damages by not
having sound stimulation of the inner ear and the auditory  cortical
areas. =

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