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In article <128_9811100008 at gastro.apana.org.au>, terrys at gastro.apana.org.au (Terry Smith) wrote:
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>> Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 05:28:49 GMT
>Bh> In article <118_9811061943 at gastro.apana.org.au>,
>Bh> terrys at gastro.apana.org.au (Terry Smith) wrote:
>>Your `argument' is merly an assertion, and by no stretch of the
>>imagiantion a *scientific* argument. This being so, your proposing it as
>Bh> What?
>Bh> And who are you, suckazoid?
>Unlike you, I am someone who has studied neuroscience. I come here to view
>discussions on neuroscience. I have been coming here since 1989. I rarely
>respond to ignoramous trollers such as yourself,

And that is all you really have to say, you little parasite,
pretending to be a scientist, while posessing sub-moronic
consciousness of bio-robot, brainwashed into oblivion.

What "neuroscience" can you discuss at this level?

> but, as you seem to be a
>young chappie,

And how do you know that, doc?

> I'll offer you some advice.

Oh, thats exciting.

>Fuck off.

And you call yourself a scientist?

> Some  of the people you are annoying have been using this medium
>for over 20 years.

What follows from that, mr. brainwasher?

> They helped build it while Bill was still stealing his
>first lines of code as a freshman.

Yes, willy the sucking gates made his first, and most
important millions on work of Gary Kildall of Digital
Research, essentially ripping of the CP/M operating
system and selling it as msdos.

Ok, nothing so royal about willy, who, in the period
of about 10 years, grew from big zero to the largest
capitalization company on the stock market.

Ok, with your superior sucking powers of comprehension
of neural structure, can you please explain how would
this be possible?

You see, the oldest and most respectable corporations,
knowing more about brain control, than willy the sucking
gates himself, took hundreds of years to accumulate
the wealth of this magnitude, and willy just did it
in 10 years.

Mafia can't do it, drug trafficing can't do it,
prostitution can't do it, not even legal and illegal
gambling combined can't do it.

It can not be done.

Tell me, oh master-bator, what could be the trick,
willy used, to cun the whole world out of their money?

> You may care to consider the
>traditional and honourable tradition behind the 'Net term `Plonk!".

Give a fuck about your parasitic "traditions" of licking
each other ass and following the party line,
be it fasion of your bio-robotic images,
you sub-moronic level, reflecting the equivalend intelligence
of about 4 neurons, or anything else, you are likely to
imagine, with ALL the sucking powers you posess.

>I will have mercy.

Toward who?

Do you know anything about the very terms you use,
or you just follow the programming of your brain,
utterly incapable to distingish the input hole from
output hole.


Yep, if you don't have real intelligence, you'd have to
use the patterns, programmed into you stupid cpu.
What is the size of your dic-
tionary, mr. bio-robot?

Biological entity,
programmed to behave according to a limited set of instructions,
based in morality ["good" and "bad" definitions],
created by the priest,
to exploit your fear and guilt,
in order to collect the sin tax.

Now, you say you have been programming the young people's
brains for how long now?
20 years?

Well, if you EVER realize what you have done,
and what kind of trace you live behind,
then we talk more.

And you are going to die,
to dissapear into UTTER oblivion.

"Dust, in the wind
All you are is dust in the wind
Dust, in the wind
All you are is dust in the wind"

And that is the cream of the crop of your own tradition.

You suck, worse than a black hole.


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