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Teodorico wrote:

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> >Hello,
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> >so far I understand it,you are in danger and far away from human help.
> Not exactly...
> >If they beat you to one cheek,
> >then present them the other cheek.
> Oh, no! Jesus said that when he felt deep in love before the time. If he
> were here, he would rather have said: If they beat you to one
> cheek -annihilate them- before they annihilate you.

My understanding is that Jesus would  =still= say (paraphrase), "Turn the
other cheek, go the extra mile, and give 'em your shirt, besides." :-)

The seemingly-"hard-part" derives in Jesus's saying (paraphrase), "Think for
yourself." (paraphrase, again) "If a person doesn't leave father and mother,
pick up her/his cross, and follow me..." He emphasized the point by Teaching
it twice... (paraphrase) "I've not come to sow peace, but division."

Seems "strange", no?


What Christ was saying is that we must escape the prejudice toward the
familiar (of the "family"), and think for ourselves... which, if one
looks-and-sees, leads one right back to the =necessity= of the
"turn-the-other-cheek" stuff... =Forgiveness=.

Why is Forgiveness Necessary?

Simply be-cause our nervous systems acquire Learning through experience.
What becomes "familiar" through experience is the stuff that the
convergence-mechanisms (see AoK) of our nervous systems "focus" upon.

But if two people experience differently, the stuff that permits each of
their nervous systems to converge will, itself, be different... so, to the
degree that the stuff that allows one person's nervous system to converge
will be the stuff that causes the other person's nervous system to diverge.

Where the need for Forgiveness has gone unrecognized, as in "Yugoslavia",
the Middle East, formerly(?) in Northern Ireland, and elsewhere, all over
the place, folks've Ravaged one another...

Jesus was "just" saying, "Look here, see, this is how you work..."

2000 years've passed, and folks're =still= killing one another rather than
understanding the Wisdom inherent in what Christ said... Choosing Savage,
crushingly-Stupid stuff over simple, easy Forgiveness... "homo sapiens"?

I expect Jesus would say the same stuff now-a-days... and that He'd do the
same unless/until evolutionary dynamics modify the very-fundamental topology
of our nervous systems.

There's no "mystery"... except, that is, why folks refuse to choose
Forgiveness over Savage-Ravage Hating behavior...

Whoops! ... no "mystery" there, either, modern Neuroscience discloses _Why_
...there exist no more "excuses". Even now, folks're beginning to come
together in this Truth. ken collins[...]

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