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Mon Nov 9 16:28:06 EST 1998

Terry Smith wrote:
> > From: Bloxy's at hotmail.com (Bloxy's)
> > Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 05:28:49 GMT
> Bh> In article <118_9811061943 at gastro.apana.org.au>,
> Bh> terrys at gastro.apana.org.au (Terry Smith) wrote:
> >
> >Your `argument' is merly an assertion, and by no stretch of the
> >imagiantion a *scientific* argument. This being so, your proposing it as
> a
> Bh> What?
> Bh> And who are you, suckazoid?
> Unlike you, I am someone who has studied neuroscience. I come here to view
> discussions on neuroscience. I have been coming here since 1989. I rarely
> respond to ignoramous trollers such as yourself, but, as you seem to be a
> young chappie, I'll offer you some advice.
> Fuck off. Some  of the people you are annoying have been using this medium
> for over 20 years. They helped build it while Bill was still stealing his
> first lines of code as a freshman. You may care to consider the
> traditional and honourable tradition behind the 'Net term `Plonk!".

Hey, well said.

<J Q B> -- had the honor to share a cubicle wall with Jon Postel in 1969

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