Marijuana addiction?

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Mon Nov 9 23:19:31 EST 1998

1. I stand on what I've posted.

2. The brain is repleat with wonderfully-active reward mechanisms of its own.
Guess what? The harder one works, the more-active these innate reward mechanisms
become, and the more "Joy" that's experienced (see also, 3, below)

3. The biological reward mechanisms are extraordinarily-well-integrated with
=everything= that goes on in the brain. This means that their functioning acts,
naturally, to amplify =both= "appropriate" decisions and "mistakes". These are
things that's it's useful to have "amplified". It's very-useful to have such
affective correlates tied closely to higher-"level" "cognition". Such gives the
subtle nuances of cognition an amplified self-evaluation mechanism... the more
information one puts into, and works to optimally-cross-correlate within, one's
nervous system, the better one's nervous system processes information.

4. External applications of psychoactive substances follow their own time
courses, which cannot possibly replicate the innate dynamics, and therefore
cannot possibly be as efficient.

5. All of this is explained in Neuroscientific Duality Theory (NDT, available as
a hypertext doc, AoK, that runs under DOS/Windows)... the "duality" is that
behavior is produced only as a =by-product= of biological convergence upon the
single "goal" around which all of the neural topology is ordered.

In my own experience, having smoked for decades, I am Addicted to nicotine. I
was supposed to have a CT scan this afternoon because I've been having a problem
with my throat that's been augmenting for a long time. I've "quit" smoking 11
times, for periods of up to 14 months (documenting the withdrawal dynamics), but
since I've smoked all the years during which I did my research, when I stop
smoking, I cannot reach the leading edges of my own work... due to my long abuse
of nicotine, my ability to think is "state-dependent" upon nicotine. I quit
smoking back in October. I canceled the CT scan for reasons that I don't need to
get into here, which were the Same-Stuff reasons that underpinned my return to
smoking after just 12 days of abstenance this time. I'll quit when what I have
to do is accomplished. (I =hate= my smoking, BTW. It's a nasty, smelly,
disease-inducing, Addiction that also flat-out alters my whole personality for
the worse. All I can say is that, if my research findings are communicated to
those for whom the work was done, then I'll be Free to quit smoking... the thing
about Addictive stuff is to =never= begin... let one's nervous system function
optimally... but by the time I understood such, I was already long-Addicted. My
"choice" was "save myself", or continue to work on behalf of the Children... "no
contest"... the Children will Win, with me, =every= time.) Does any of this
"justify" my smoking? No. Do I wish I'd never started? Yes. Why do you think I
work with the Children in mind? It's "too-late" for me, but it's just-right-time
for them, isn't it? Yes it is... if only "adults" will allow the Understanding
to be communicated.

G'aye, might. ken collins

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