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Harry H Conover conover at tiac.net
Mon Nov 9 22:04:27 EST 1998

Alan Peake (Alan.Peake at dsto.defence.gov.au) wrote:
: >> Gee, how did they manage to reduce the speed of light so much that an antenna
: >> that would normally occupy a few acres can now fit in a suitcase?
: >>
: >> Alan
: >>
: >>
: >I wonder:  Might it be that the wavelengths are shorter than required for
: >over-the-horizon missile systems?
: Never heard of an OTH missile system

Tomahawk is one.  It simply means that the missile target is beyond the
range of sight of the launching platform radar.  

: But an OTH surveillance radar certainly 
: uses longer waves than centimetric radar.

Quite right.  I worked with ROTHR -- it operates in the 3-30 MHz (give or
take region).  

I also worked with PAVE PAWS -- Otis AFB and Beale AFB -- spacetrak 
early warning phase array systems.  These work in the 900 MHz area of
the spectrum.

: The point I questioned was how 
: "nanotech" (or any other "tech") can reduce the size of a phased array 
: to give the same performance at the same frequency. 
: If it can be done, I'd love to know - it would make my fortune!!

Mine too!  (I suspect Slotnick's (sp?) and Eli Brookner's as well)!  
(Based on your comment Alan, I suspect you recognize who these guys are.)

I recall one effort to promote a 3-cm phased array system, but it never
got off the ground.  (To iffy, among other factors, including size and

                                            Harry C.

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