Hear radar waves

Teodorico jpmouton11 at accesosis.es
Tue Nov 10 15:15:15 EST 1998

jwill at pacbell.net escribió en mensaje

>> The CIA and Pentagon concentrated their efforts on electromagnetism. Why
>> fuss? A computerized form of telepathy.
>> "Biocommunication," the dream of Richard Helms, was tested on human
within a
>> few years of his memo to the Warren Comission. The CIA had achieved
>> communication between brain and computer by the last sixties,
>I cease believing in what you are writing here.   I agree that sounds may
>be heard because of microwave action on the auditory sensory system.
>Messages mat be conveyed by these apparent sounds.

Did you read the last part of the article I sent through DN on 11/4? At that
time, the U.S. classified research had already reached -when not matched-
the Soviets.
In any case, these ones would never have been allowed to sell their #1
secret of state to the civilian Western market.

Thierry Mouton

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