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>: >Even more curious is the question of how the police could conceal such a
>: >phased array facility.
>: >PARs aren't tiny, even the small ones.  PAVE
>: >PAWS at Otis AFB is a representative example, and you can spot that
>: >sucker from 5-miles away while driving down the highway.
>: >Take a look at the superstructure of an Aegis Cruiser to see an example
>: >of a really small one.  With good eyes, you can see if from a couple of
>: >miles.
>: They put one of these at the entry of the residential area in which I
>: with alleged cellular communication purposes, just after we moved on to
>: This antenna is not more than 80-100 meters in straight line away from
>: house.
>Another miracle of conspiratorial technology...
>More amazing still is that the thing looks just like a civilian cellular
>tower!  Out of curiousity, how can you tell that it is a phased array
>radar and not simply an ordinary cellular tower?

Phased-array cellular towers are here now. They can "intelligently" steer
the beam to get a better coverage for a mobile user. It's too bad they can
get access to this mind-control technology that can compensate for
reflections and faraday sheilding...

>: In any case you're talking about civilian technology (again).
>That will come as a surprise to both the USAF and Navy, who maintain
>respectively the Pave Paws and Aegis (SPY-1) phased array radars.
>(I kind of like the nomenclature SPY-1 for the Aegis PAR system --
>must have some kind of a hidden meaning.  ;-> )
>: Anyway, at a more general level, for many years they have used
>: EM life/mind control devices from the russians at bargain prices. Lately,
>: they rely more on the latest gyrotrons made in U.S.A.
>Ah, yes.  The dreaded gyrotron!

Heck, we had those back in the 70's in the local disco...

>: From Hawaii 5-0 to X-Files, who is the integral propaganda system making
>: look as the ever-winning heroes? Is it that difficult to realize the
>: they've kneaded?
>Still, evidently not sufficient power to silence such vital information
>sources as the "X-files."
>                                              Harry C.

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