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kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Wed Nov 11 01:26:23 EST 1998

I need to explain... I have a book with a picture, "Jesus Laughing", by R. Kozak,
1977, on the cover... seeing this picture always gives me a smile, and my
immediately-prior comment was in the spirit of that... just a bit of that
light-heartness as I imagine Jesus sharing a joke with His Disciples while walking
along a dusty road in the blazing sun.

I've no "problem" with evolution as a means of Creation... I see, clearly, that
God is Creating us, still... isn't Jesus's Teaching an act of Creation? Yes, it

If God is Eternal, then what is the length of God's "day"? The "argument" Wastes
so much energy, doesn't it? Why not use it to lift folks up, and let God take care
of Creation? ...that's what I say.

Anyway, why I really came back to clarify this stuff is that I realized it could
be misleading... I was just having a light-hearted moment with respect to what
I've already pointed out as Jesus's jaw-hangingly-Awesome foreknowledge of how our
nervous systems process information (I can demonstrate it, but cannot explain it).
I was just saying that, if evolution happened, it wouldn't make any difference...
the jaw-hangingly-Awesome Foreknowledge, that I =cannot= explain, would be

I did not intend to imply that I've any "inside information" on any other time
course... it hasn't always been so, but after seeing what I've seen, I =try= to
Live as if Jesus could "knock on my door" at any moment... still Fail most of the
time... still =try=.

Guess my sense of humor is a bit "subtle"... it was a big-smile for me. Sorry if
I've misled folks. ken collins

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> > [...] Jesus was "just" saying, "Look here, see, this is how you work..."
> >
> > 2000 years've passed, and folks're =still= killing one another rather than
> > understanding the Wisdom inherent in what Christ said... Choosing Savage,
> > crushingly-Stupid stuff over simple, easy Forgiveness... "homo sapiens"?
> >
> > I expect Jesus would say the same stuff now-a-days... and that He'd do the
> > same unless/until evolutionary dynamics modify the very-fundamental topology
> > of our nervous systems.
> ... 'course He'd Love us enough to give us, say, 2000 years lead-time. ken
> collins

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