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Frank N Beenz escribió en mensaje <72bc3b$6fp at journal.concentric.net>...
>Phased-array cellular towers are here now. They can "intelligently" steer
>the beam to get a better coverage for a mobile user. It's too bad they can
>get access to this mind-control technology that can compensate for
>reflections and faraday sheilding...

What about receiving mode only? We're not talking about a single array; and
this situation is so delicate that freaks from different areas are involved,
despite the "national security priorities".

>>: Anyway, at a more general level, for many years they have used
>>: EM life/mind control devices from the russians at bargain prices.
>>: they rely more on the latest gyrotrons made in U.S.A.
>>Ah, yes.  The dreaded gyrotron!
>Heck, we had those back in the 70's in the local disco...

|... Marconi and Thomson-CSF share a common interest in microwave
comunications. Devices like the troposcatter are in the same technical genus
as the Gyrotron resonance maser, a machine that talks to the brain. An
article in 21st Century Science & Technology outlines the workings of a
resonance maser. The device surrounds and penetrates the entire body in an
EM flux, and beams into it a microwave communications field. A laser, like
the needle of light on a compact disk, reads changes in electrons after
passing through the body. A computerized CAT scan sorts the frequencies of
the brain and five senses. The maser, with pulsed-power source, fits inside
a truck. With it, the encyclopedia claims, "special forces trained in
radio-biological warfare could wipe out entire officer corps, divisions and
Masers, not lasers, are the hidden thrust of "Star Wars." The weapon is an
extremely sophisticated mind and body machine capable of thought transfer,
manipulation of emotions and muscle control. Images, even dreams, can be
beamed to the subject. A human or cybernetic controller can carry on a
conversation telepathically, and at the same time instill physical
sensations, subliminal commands, emotions and visual and aural
hallucinations. Computerized EM devices that talk and transmit images to the
brain were current when Reagan delivered his first SDI pitch in 1983. |
(Alex Constantine-"Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.", P.43)

If it was a genuine gyrotron in your local disco, we would not be very
surprised to know what kind of connections had his owner.

Thierry Mouton

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