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> >You may cite any claim by the CIA that you want:  It's the duty of
> >spies to lie to the public, so I won't believe it.  They earn their
> >living by copying others work and lying to and about people.
> >
> Claims by the CIA??? Come on!, how can you seriously say that I could be
> spreading their infect disinformation? It's not only that they lie as they
> breathe; it's that those reptiles are the incarnation of falsehood, and
> therefore they represent the anti-Christ, the anti-Creation (death and
> evil), the inexistent. But the technology handled by the maniacs is,
> unfortunately, true.
> ...

Well, this is a little much, for me.  I am sure their feet smell,

Did you know, as of a year or so ago, they were said to employ
50,000?   That's about $5 billion/yr, minimum, not counting any
technology--just reasonable salary + overhead.

With 50,000 "high-level" advisers, no wonder our poor President
gave up and started doing something he could understand!

Now, with ONE good adviser, he wouldn't have done it and
wouldn't have gotten caught!

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