Hear radar waves

Harry H Conover conover at tiac.net
Fri Nov 13 08:01:21 EST 1998

Teodorico (jpmouton11 at accesosis.es) wrote:
: But I should disagree! The lackeys of the system aren't victims of
: ignorance; I mean, they are the servants of those who have planned that
: fraudulent "haphazardly-accumulated stuff" in order to make us grow
: submerged in ignorance. This is the only way to have us controlled and
: dominated; this pack of vipers are well in another
: league/"frequency"/dimension. The current and acquired concept of reality is
: perverted from its own roots.

Yes, and sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll are the technologies employed to
achieve this effect.   Raise entire generations on a diet of "MTV" and
such and you shouldn't expect a population of heavy in logical thinking, 
let alone produce "rocket science" mentality.  :-)


: Was the tragedy in Honduras just a natural disaster?

Surely you're joking!

                                         Harry C.

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