Brain Chemistry

Holson1000 holson1000 at
Thu Nov 12 22:33:18 EST 1998

>Could someone please send me information, or direct me to some information
>regarding the chemical imbalances in the brain and their effect on
>psychological behavior, specifically serotonin?

     You should do a search on the Pineal gland on PubMed. Just go to Yahoo and
type in PubMed to get to the Medline site.
Serotonin is the precursor of the pineal
hormone melatonin which causes seasonal
changes in reproductive behavior. Also,
LSD blocks serotonin receptors in the brain stem to cause its hallucinogenic
effects. You should be able to find a lot of stuff about that issue.

       Feel free to email me if you need more help.


Howard R Olson, MA
International Sociobiology Institute


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