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Sat Nov 14 01:00:13 EST 1998

[I've noted that the posts in this thread are being scattered to various
Newsgroups in what, if not a deliberate attempt to Break Context, is,
never-the-less, exactly that... it's a Sorrow... if anyone's Truly-Interested,
come over to bionet.neuroscience, which is the only place I'm posting anything
these days. K. P. Collins]

Teodorico wrote:

> The evoluted ones, because fear is acquired upon the fraudulent mental
> coordinates inculcated by those in power; it's not an innate characteristic
> of our reason. This is why it only makes sense when you're a new born baby
> or a little child.

[I snipped the header... I posted the following in a prior msg in
bionet.neuroscience K. P. Collins]

> >There will be a Hard Time, as Humanity passes through the "zone of
> >randomness"... but that's just "fear"-stuff... Truth has been with-us all
> along,
> >we "just" have to "reach out, and take its 'hand'" and "Hold-It-Tight", and
> >we'll make-it. ken collins
> If you know this, Ken... you'll make it. This is why religions are
> definetely over. Leave believing along with mediocrity, because on
> trascendental matters is knowledge what really counts.

When one Sees Truth, it's Hard not to "Recognize" God... so, as long as there's
Truth in-there, I've no "problem" with the Stuff of either "realm" :-) K. P.

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