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Teodorico wrote:

[ken collins's prior comments snipped]

> But I should disagree! The lackeys of the system aren't victims of
> ignorance; I mean, they are the servants of those who have planned that
> fraudulent "haphazardly-accumulated stuff" in order to make us grow
> submerged in ignorance.

To see my point, one has to understand how nervous systems process information.

Nervous systems are "engineered" to "strive" to achieve a =single= goal, which
is the minimization of the topologically-distributed ratios of Excitation to
Inhibition [TD E/I(min)] that occur within them. This's all explained in the
"Automation of Knowing..." ms (AoK).

The information-processing that occurs in our nervous systems is
Truly-Amazing... it =routinely= handles, in millisecond time frame,
information-processing problems that are of infinitely-large scope... but
there's a "short-coming" that exists within these information-processing

Because "all our nervous systems do", innately, is "strive blindly to minimize
TD E/I, they tend strongly to manifest a =False= heightened "evaluation" of that
which is merely-Familiar... as they process information, they automatically
(blindly) become =Prejudiced= with respect to that which is merely-Familiar.
This occurs "simply" be-cause nervous systems do strive blindly to minimize TD
E/I. (I've discussed the fundamentals in prior posts.)

But what is that which is "Familiar"?

It is, simply, that which is most-often experienced.

The "intelligence" folks are "stuck" in the realm of their Familiar
experience... they can't even think a thought that's not within their Familiar
experience... innately, neither can anyone else.

And it's been this very Prejudice Toward the Familiar ("ptofa"; pronounced,
"too-fa", like the sound one makes in expectorating) that has been the =sole=
driving force in =ALL= of Humankind's Inhumanity to Humankind... look at =any=
instance of Savage Tragedy =throughout= the course of History, and you'll see
that it was this =one= thing that constituted its =sole= Driving Force... the
scope of the Tragedy resulting from the blind TD E/I-minimization, which is all
that Humans are innately-capable of, is "just" flat-out "mind"-boggling...
rivers-of-blood Stuff.

Seems a "nasty trick" that the Evolutionary Engineer would leave such a Tragic
"Flaw" within the nervous systems through which folks manifest behavior, no?

Wouldn't it be Nice if this one thing could be excised from our nervous systems?

Yes, it would, because all the Ravaging would, simultaneously, go with it... but
it's not so "easy".

It's "just" that =ANY= "hard-wired" "solution" to this one problem would also
completely-eliminate nervous systems' capacities for Free Will.

But there =is= a "software" Solution to our nervous systems' Tragic "hardware"
"Flaw"... and that "software" Solution Derives =Completely= in the one thing
that =Requires= the "tragic 'flaw'" to Exist in the "hardware" in the first
place... =Free Will=... =Volition=... =Choice=.

And it's not even "hard" to Lift-Up Free Will within a nervous system, so that
is Free Will which Governs the nervous system's information-processing, not
Blind-Automation... all one has to do is Learn how nervous systems process
information... such Learning becomes encoded in Physically-Real microscopic
trophic (growth) modifications that accompany, and conform to,
neural-activation, and once these "micromods" are established, they guide the
by-production of behavior so that behavior so that Behavior is Governed by Free
Will, rather than Blind-Automation...

...it's all so-"simple"... one Learns the consequences of Blindly-Automated
neural information-processing in the =same= way that one Learns anything else,
by "just" studying it... this Learning will automatically cause TD E/I to become
relatively-increased within the nervous system... which is Why folks whose
nervous systems are left on "auto-pilot", tend so-strongly to "move-away-from"
any study of the consequences of "natural" nervous systems'
information-processing dynamics... they don't "move-away-from" the
Awesome-Tragedy Stuff... they "just" blindly-React to the internal occurrence of
relatively-increased TD E/I that the relative-Disorder that's =always= Inherent
Savage-Ravaging behavioral dynamics... and, so, the "natural" nervous systems
blindly "decide" that no Learning will ever occur within them with respect to
Savage-Ravaging behavioral dynamics... and it's =this= one thing that "prevents"
the Creation of the microscopic trophic modifications to the nervous system that
"moves away from" the study of the Savagery.

All of this stands =Proven=... the Proof is outlined in AoK.

But, you know, Teodorico, one doesn't need The Neuroscientific Proof... all one
needs is "just" what Jesus Taught 2000 years ago... "Love your enemy." "Do good
to those who persecute you." "Turn the other cheek." "Go the extra mile." And
"Give 'em your 'shirt', besides."

Do you See what's been =in= Christ's Teaching all along?

There's the call to Courage in-there... the Courage to "move-toward" those who
are Ravaged by Blindly-Automated-Humankind's Savage InHumanity to Humankind...
to Embrace those who Suffer... and, Lo and Behold! What happens as such happens?
The nervous systems of those who "move-toward" folks who're Ravaged =Learn= the
TD E/I(up) qualities of the Blindly-Ravaging behavioral dynamics... the nervous
systems acquire microscopic trophic modifications which Physically-Encode such
Learning... and it's this Physically-Real Stuff that, post-Learning, =embues=
the nervous systems with Free Will... =no longer= are these nervous systems
Blind-React-Only information-processors... it's a Physically-Real =Birth= into
the Fundamental Essence of Free will... =no longer= are such nervous systems
=Dictated= to by the Automation which Blindly Seeks TD E/I(min). Furthermore,
Vision Soars Magnificantly when the TD E/I-minimization Auto-Pilot is
"switched-off"... no "mystery", here, the Auto-Pilot is flat-out Blind... it's
been in my "Heart" to admonish folks with respect to this last thing... the
Awesome-Magnification of Vision that accompanies the Learning of how nervous
systems process information... most folks have not "listened", but everyone
will, soon enough, see at least this much... folks who make the transition to
Understanding will be able to See and Comprehend that which has been deemed
"unthinkably-'impossible'"... they'll look back through History, as it's
recorded in the Public Record, and they'll be flat-out Able to =See= right into
folks "Hearts"... it's been decades since I've experienced this transition
myself... folks've wondered why I tend to "keep to myself"... it's just been me,
=wanting= to give folks time to catch-up... well, folks're catching-up, and
they'll become able to look right into the "heart" of the Savagery and =See=
it... and Understand it... Yound Ones'll be Able to do Stuff that's been
considered to constitute "more than all the computers in the universe can
calculate"... they'll "just" do such =routinely=, without even making any fuss
about it... and all the Cheating, Stealing and Murdering will have no place to
"hide"... and neither will those who remain Blind-Automatons... I only caught
one of his posts, but it seems to me, one of these Young Ones visited this
Newsgroup in the recent past... these folks, having been born into Free Will are
going to be to folks on Auto Pilot as a pile of counting-rocks is to the
capabilities of the "brain" as they've been =Surmised= to be... reading an
accurate account of a small "meeting", for instance, they'll all be able to
flat-out describe what, in-fact, did transpire "behind closed doors"... it
doesn't matter whether or not there'll be any "feigning" having gone on... it
just matters that the report be Truth-Filled... and whether it's the "meeting"
itself, or a False "report" of the "meeting's" dynamics, the
Transitioned-to-Understanding Folks'll =See= right-through such to Truth. It
sets one back a bit, at first, but along with the Vision, comes the
Understanding of what to Do... and the World is going to be Transformed.

All of this is Jesus's Gift to Humanity. I Know Jesus only as a Scientist...
I've mapped out all of the neural dynamics involved in the above... and my
jaw-just-dropped-to-the-floor when I Saw Christ Smiling Lovingly-Knowing out at
me. The Experience is "just" so Awesome.

The Evolutionary Engineer didn't abandon us, leaving us with "flawed"
"hardware"... He "just" sent Jesus to take Creation all-the-way up to Free
Will... all the way up to =Truth=.

So, don't be too "hard" on the "intelligence" folks... they're "just" remaining
on Auto-Pilot... where they "exist" as Victims of the "Beast", Ignorance... I
expect they'll "get-it" before too long... "just" Hope they don't incinerate
Earth in the meantime. K. P. Collins

> This is the only way to have us controlled and
> dominated; this pack of vipers are well in another
> league/"frequency"/dimension.

Because I've been busy with other things, although I've taken note of it, I've
not followed your argument with respect to such.

> The current and acquired concept of reality is
> perverted from its own roots.

I agree, it has been so... all that's coming to an end... =Thank= God. ken

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