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I don't think T was referring to ARTIFICIAL intelligence, such as
the below,

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> Teodorico wrote:
> [ken collins's prior comments snipped]
> > But I should disagree! The lackeys of the system aren't victims of
> > ignorance; I mean, they are the servants of those who have planned that
> > fraudulent "haphazardly-accumulated stuff" in order to make us grow
> > submerged in ignorance.
> To see my point, one has to understand how nervous systems process
> Nervous systems are "engineered" to "strive" to achieve a =single= goal, which
> is the minimization of the topologically-distributed ratios of Excitation to
> Inhibition [TD E/I(min)] that occur within them. This's all explained in the
> "Automation of Knowing..." ms (AoK).
> The information-processing that occurs in our nervous systems is
> Truly-Amazing... it =routinely= handles, in millisecond time frame,
> information-processing problems that are of infinitely-large scope... but
> there's a "short-coming" that exists within these information-processing
> dynamics.
> Because "all our nervous systems do", innately, is "strive blindly to minimize
> TD E/I, they tend strongly to manifest a =False= heightened "evaluation" of
> which is merely-Familiar... as they process information, they automatically
> (blindly) become =Prejudiced= with respect to that which is merely-Familiar.
> This occurs "simply" be-cause nervous systems do strive blindly to minimize TD
> E/I. (I've discussed the fundamentals in prior posts.)
> But what is that which is "Familiar"?
> It is, simply, that which is most-often experienced.
> The "intelligence" folks are "stuck" in the realm of their Familiar
> experience... they can't even think a thought that's not within their Familiar
> experience... innately, neither can anyone else.
> And it's been this very Prejudice Toward the Familiar ("ptofa"; pronounced,
> "too-fa", like the sound one makes in expectorating) that has been the =sole=
> driving force in =ALL= of Humankind's Inhumanity to Humankind... look at =any=
> instance of Savage Tragedy =throughout= the course of History, and you'll see
> that it was this =one= thing that constituted its =sole= Driving Force... the
> scope of the Tragedy resulting from the blind TD E/I-minimization, which is
> that Humans are innately-capable of, is "just" flat-out "mind"-boggling...
> rivers-of-blood Stuff.
> Seems a "nasty trick" that the Evolutionary Engineer would leave such a Tragic
> "Flaw" within the nervous systems through which folks manifest behavior, no?
> Wouldn't it be Nice if this one thing could be excised from our nervous
> Yes, it would, because all the Ravaging would, simultaneously, go with it...
> it's not so "easy".
> It's "just" that =ANY= "hard-wired" "solution" to this one problem would also
> completely-eliminate nervous systems' capacities for Free Will.
> But there =is= a "software" Solution to our nervous systems' Tragic "hardware"
> "Flaw"... and that "software" Solution Derives =Completely= in the one thing
> that =Requires= the "tragic 'flaw'" to Exist in the "hardware" in the first
> place... =Free Will=... =Volition=... =Choice=.
> And it's not even "hard" to Lift-Up Free Will within a nervous system, so that
> is Free Will which Governs the nervous system's information-processing, not
> Blind-Automation... all one has to do is Learn how nervous systems process
> information... such Learning becomes encoded in Physically-Real microscopic
> trophic (growth) modifications that accompany, and conform to,
> neural-activation, and once these "micromods" are established, they guide the
> by-production of behavior so that behavior so that Behavior is Governed by
> Will, rather than Blind-Automation...
> ...it's all so-"simple"... one Learns the consequences of Blindly-Automated
> neural information-processing in the =same= way that one Learns anything else,
> by "just" studying it... this Learning will automatically cause TD E/I to
> relatively-increased within the nervous system... which is Why folks whose
> nervous systems are left on "auto-pilot", tend so-strongly to "move-away-from"
> any study of the consequences of "natural" nervous systems'
> information-processing dynamics... they don't "move-away-from" the
> Awesome-Tragedy Stuff... they "just" blindly-React to the internal occurrence
> relatively-increased TD E/I that the relative-Disorder that's =always=
> Savage-Ravaging behavioral dynamics... and, so, the "natural" nervous systems
> blindly "decide" that no Learning will ever occur within them with respect to
> Savage-Ravaging behavioral dynamics... and it's =this= one thing that
> the Creation of the microscopic trophic modifications to the nervous system
> "moves away from" the study of the Savagery.
> All of this stands =Proven=... the Proof is outlined in AoK.
> But, you know, Teodorico, one doesn't need The Neuroscientific Proof... all
> needs is "just" what Jesus Taught 2000 years ago... "Love your enemy." "Do
> to those who persecute you." "Turn the other cheek." "Go the extra mile." And
> "Give 'em your 'shirt', besides."
> Do you See what's been =in= Christ's Teaching all along?
> There's the call to Courage in-there... the Courage to "move-toward" those who
> are Ravaged by Blindly-Automated-Humankind's Savage InHumanity to Humankind...
> to Embrace those who Suffer... and, Lo and Behold! What happens as such
> The nervous systems of those who "move-toward" folks who're Ravaged =Learn=
> TD E/I(up) qualities of the Blindly-Ravaging behavioral dynamics... the
> systems acquire microscopic trophic modifications which Physically-Encode such
> Learning... and it's this Physically-Real Stuff that, post-Learning, =embues=
> the nervous systems with Free Will... =no longer= are these nervous systems
> Blind-React-Only information-processors... it's a Physically-Real =Birth= into
> the Fundamental Essence of Free will... =no longer= are such nervous systems
> =Dictated= to by the Automation which Blindly Seeks TD E/I(min). Furthermore,
> Vision Soars Magnificantly when the TD E/I-minimization Auto-Pilot is
> "switched-off"... no "mystery", here, the Auto-Pilot is flat-out Blind... it's
> been in my "Heart" to admonish folks with respect to this last thing... the
> Awesome-Magnification of Vision that accompanies the Learning of how nervous
> systems process information... most folks have not "listened", but everyone
> will, soon enough, see at least this much... folks who make the transition to
> Understanding will be able to See and Comprehend that which has been deemed
> "unthinkably-'impossible'"... they'll look back through History, as it's
> recorded in the Public Record, and they'll be flat-out Able to =See= right
> folks "Hearts"... it's been decades since I've experienced this transition
> myself... folks've wondered why I tend to "keep to myself"... it's just been
> =wanting= to give folks time to catch-up... well, folks're catching-up, and
> they'll become able to look right into the "heart" of the Savagery and =See=
> it... and Understand it... Yound Ones'll be Able to do Stuff that's been
> considered to constitute "more than all the computers in the universe can
> calculate"... they'll "just" do such =routinely=, without even making any fuss
> about it... and all the Cheating, Stealing and Murdering will have no place to
> "hide"... and neither will those who remain Blind-Automatons... I only caught
> one of his posts, but it seems to me, one of these Young Ones visited this
> Newsgroup in the recent past... these folks, having been born into Free Will
> going to be to folks on Auto Pilot as a pile of counting-rocks is to the
> capabilities of the "brain" as they've been =Surmised= to be... reading an
> accurate account of a small "meeting", for instance, they'll all be able to
> flat-out describe what, in-fact, did transpire "behind closed doors"... it
> doesn't matter whether or not there'll be any "feigning" having gone on... it
> just matters that the report be Truth-Filled... and whether it's the "meeting"
> itself, or a False "report" of the "meeting's" dynamics, the
> Transitioned-to-Understanding Folks'll =See= right-through such to Truth. It
> sets one back a bit, at first, but along with the Vision, comes the
> Understanding of what to Do... and the World is going to be Transformed.
> All of this is Jesus's Gift to Humanity. I Know Jesus only as a Scientist...
> I've mapped out all of the neural dynamics involved in the above... and my
> jaw-just-dropped-to-the-floor when I Saw Christ Smiling Lovingly-Knowing out
> me. The Experience is "just" so Awesome.
> The Evolutionary Engineer didn't abandon us, leaving us with "flawed"
> "hardware"... He "just" sent Jesus to take Creation all-the-way up to Free
> Will... all the way up to =Truth=.
> So, don't be too "hard" on the "intelligence" folks... they're "just"
> on Auto-Pilot... where they "exist" as Victims of the "Beast", Ignorance... I
> expect they'll "get-it" before too long... "just" Hope they don't incinerate
> Earth in the meantime. K. P. Collins
> > This is the only way to have us controlled and
> > dominated; this pack of vipers are well in another
> > league/"frequency"/dimension.
> Because I've been busy with other things, although I've taken note of it, I've
> not followed your argument with respect to such.
> > The current and acquired concept of reality is
> > perverted from its own roots.
> I agree, it has been so... all that's coming to an end... =Thank= God. ken
> collins

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