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If memories are stored as electromagnetic particles, shouldn't we be able to
detect a magnetic field arising from brain cells (eg by seeing if brain
samples attract/repel a compass placed near this sample?)

And shouldn't that attraction/repulsion be greater for adult brain tissue
children's tissue because adults have more memories than children?


Nizar Hajjage
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> I don't understand something. If memory was electromagnetically stored in
> neurones, shouldn't an external magnetic field erase it, eg after an MRI
> after a magnet is placed near the head? Or is there another explanation?

Re above:
This is a rather sound observation. However, the marvel of the neurons
is that they can retain such memory pieces despite such ordinary
measures to  erase them. But, as the infamous CIA-sponsored Montreal Dr.
Cameron was doing,  with repeated electroconvulsive shocks,  the poor
patients' memories were wiped out: de-programmed, showing that with
unusual electromagnetic efforts, our memories can be so erased,  thus
once more attesting to the electromagnetic nature of memories.
kccheng ¾G«a¸s

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