Hear radar waves

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Sat Nov 14 00:37:42 EST 1998

Aw, c'mon... the Tabloids would've eaten up that kind of "story"... yet all these
years, and there've been no headlines to read while waiting in the check-out
lines... c'mon... you can, at least, make an effort to "tie" your hoax into all the
weirdness that's already been published...

...whoops... no you can't... that'd be =Copyright Infringement= "In The First
Degree", and you'd Pay-Dearly.

See how Easy it is? :-) ken collins

b1scei70 wrote:

> re hearing uwaves:
> I have been aware of their effect. My collegue was preparing for his next
> lecture/demo of uwave, and was turning it on and off beside me. I said I know
> when it is on, so we experimented. He even tried to fool me. When it was on, I
> could not concentrate on marking. Thinking did not so much as stop, but I became
> unaware of an organized feeling. I was confused, but not panicky. We were sure
> of the tests. 1988, Sheridan College, Brampton, Ontario.

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