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Again, kccheng shows his ignorance in a most embarassing way (if he
were capable of shame, that is).  MRI involves a powerful
electromagnetic force, but ECT involves direct electric current
passage.  There is no need to invoke electromagnetic storage notions
here, because any hippocampal damage done by such means would be easily
explained in terms of excitotoxic lesions, i.e. by excess production of
EAAs (excitatory amino acids)--does not require metabolic stress in the
sense of demand excceeding oxygenation (as previously thought until my 
former colleague, Robert Sloviter did the appropriate experiments).

Let me hasten too say, however, that the neuropsychololgical data do
NOT support the idea of a massive permanent loss of memory (either in
the sense of losing old memories or in losing capacity to form new
ones) in therapeutically applied ECT.  When exactly was this Dr.
Cameron operating?  Possibly before refinement of therapeutic ECT

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuopsychology Group

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>Nizar Hajjage wrote:
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>> John wrote:
>> > Basically, memory has been finally proven beyond scientific doubt
to =
>> the
>> > storage of the electromagnetic particles arising from, or
generated b=
>> > stimuli outside of the central memorineurons.
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>> I don't understand something. If memory was electromagnetically
stored =
>> neurones, shouldn't an external magnetic field erase it, eg after an
>I or
>> after a magnet is placed near the head? Or is there another
>Re above:
>This is a rather sound observation. However, the marvel of the neurons
>is that they can retain such memory pieces despite such ordinary
>measures to  erase them. But, as the infamous CIA-sponsored Montreal
>Cameron was doing,  with repeated electroconvulsive shocks,  the poor
>patients' memories were wiped out: de-programmed, showing that with
>unusual electromagnetic efforts, our memories can be so erased,  thus
>once more attesting to the electromagnetic nature of memories.
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