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Sun Nov 15 23:27:41 EST 1998

Deano wrote:

> I haven't been going around deleting anything! I'm not even sure if I know
> how to. I have had some trouble with my postings so that might explain it. I
> don't mean to "jump" your posts I'm just trying to reply.
> (By the way the time thing was due to an error by my system clock.)

Yeah sure... your "system clock" controls the Newsgroup timings... yeah sure.

> I'm not selectively editing your posts, I'm just showing the parts I want to
> reply to. Most people in newsgroups find it annoying when someone only has a
> little reply but includes the whole message.
> (If I had attached your message it would have taken over 80% of this post).
> You mention that it's been proved that you can't travel through time.

No. I said what I said, and what I said is not what you said I said.

> Surely god can do what he wants!

I expect God can... just don't ask me to explain what God can do... everything
I'm writing is at the much-more-humble level of what stands

> If he invented the universe he must have invented
> time so why can't he travel in time.

I expect God can... just don't ask me to explain... I can't.

> I thought that god was supposed to be
> all powerful.

I expect God Is... just don't ask me to explain... I can't. I am Explaining what
I can Explain... which is not what you're saying I'm trying to explain... seems
you're no friend of Truth, eh?

> You say that love is moving away from.

You've got it upside-down-and-backwards... "moving away from" is "hate".

> What is it moving away from?

Well, you see, pick a thing, any thing... then "move away from it"... or you can
get out a "hammer" and smash it... you've still "moved away from it". These
things are explained in AoK.

> By the way I'm not afraid of Learning about anything even religion.

Yeah sure :-)

> When I was younger I went to Church of my own free-will

Yeah sure... the "of your own free-will" part.

> and then later when I was
> older decided that I didn't want to. I'm studying for a degree in Molecular
> biology so I can't be that afraid of learning.

Good for you.

> God may be there in the mitochondria but only if you want to look at things
> with the idea that god is in everything. And if that's the case lets not
> forget that gods in AIDS and cancer as well.

I didn't say God is everything. I said God is in everything...  the former
"disallows" Free Will, the latter makes Free Will Possible... big difference...

> I really did mean what I said about not want to offend people and everyone
> being entitled to their believes.
> Sorry that you don't believe me.

I don't, but I Forgive you. ken collins

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