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K C Cheng wrote:

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> Re above:
> This is a rather sound observation. However, the marvel of the neurons
> is that they can retain such memory pieces despite such ordinary
> measures to  erase them. But, as the infamous CIA-sponsored Montreal Dr.
> Cameron was doing,  with repeated electroconvulsive shocks,  the poor
> patients' memories were wiped out: de-programmed, showing that with
> unusual electromagnetic efforts, our memories can be so erased,  thus
> once more attesting to the electromagnetic nature of memories.

Forgive me, please, but your "analysis" is B. S.

Electro-convulsive "therapy" is not, in the main, "electromagnetic"... the
passing of EMF through the crainum "just" imposes artificial-desynchronization
within nerual activation "states", and the Biology "just" does what it's
engineered to do... "Learn" the nothingness inherent the desynchronized
(DisOrdered) activation "state"... it's "just" that TD E/I(up) is being
drastically (and Stupidly) imposed upon the "normal" information-processing

Beyond this, =Everything= within the Physical Universe can be "translated" into
EM Stuff... so saying "memory is EM stuff" says =exactly Nothing=. K. P. Collins

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