Decussation's Topology

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at
Mon Nov 16 22:05:21 EST 1998

kkollins at wrote:
: There is, in fact, no book that's ever been so-Elegantly written than the "book"
: that's been "written" by the Authors of the Deafening-Silence.
: And what's it's central Theme? ...the Perpetuation of the Savage-Ravaging that
: has, since the Beginning, separated Humankind from Actually Living.
: Look-and-See... the Deafening-Silence is a "book" that has been Dictated by the
: Beast, Ignorance. The Authors are the Servants of Ignorance, isn't it so?
: Yes.
: "Hard words"?
: Yes...
: ...but, moreso, Loving. K. P. Collins

It seems to me that the ignorant are often the ones who insist on
shouting their dubious message the loudest.

Eric Johnson

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