non contact heartrate aquisition

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Wed Nov 18 13:29:05 EST 1998

hmm, Didier brings up an interesting idea - 
you could modulate a laser pointer and look
at the return signal - with appropriate optics,
such a thing might be able to give you a good
guess at someone's heart rate from a great

  I wonder if anyone has already done this?

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>: How can I aquire a person's heartrate without a contact device?
>In high school, I built a little device... You put your finger in it, there
>was an LED shining bright red light on your finger from above, and the
>photo-diode on the underside of your finger gave a signal that was
>modulated by the heart pulsating through the finger (given the right
>filters). Strictly speaking, you didn't have to touch anything, you just had
>to be close enough to the light source (in my days, you couldn't just buy a
>laser pointer...), and to the diode.
>These were the days!
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