Question about Nucleus Laminaris

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Thu Nov 19 10:11:30 EST 1998

Yao-Yu E Wang (yew+ at wrote:

: Does Nucleus Laminair (NL) only exist in avian animals? 

Within birds, the NL, which has presumably the same role as the MSO in
mammals, doesn't have a consistent organization. The NL of chicks, for
instance, is quite a simple structure, which _could_ be working by
comparing the sounds of one ear with delayed versions of the same sound in
the other ear. In the Barn Owl, though, there seems to be a lot of
redundancy in the organization. You best bet by far on the subject of the
NL would be to look up paper by Catherine Carr (look at her publications at 

Then again, the standard picture of the NL (or the MSO) working as a
cross-correlator with variable delays to determine the origin of a sound is
probably wrong...


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