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Et tu, Dag? ken collins

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> F. Frank LeFever <flefever at> wrote:
> > First, a general observation: we have often seen (in this newsgroup)
> > people who know a little bit about something (often scattered and
> > poorly-undertood terms and facts) assume that others know even less,
> > adolescent "big insights" proclaimed naively (to others who had and
> > worked through such "insights" long ago) as if it were a private
> > revelation, etc., etc.
> First, it was nice to meet you at the Neuroscience meeting in L.A.
> One does not always meet the people in person that one has discussed
> with on the net, and we had a nice talk about real (Westie) science
> matters.
> It is certainly true that in my about 35 years in neuroscience I have
> never had as great revelations (subjectively) as when I as a young
> student misused the nitrous oxide (no, boys, not nitric oxide) supply in
> the lab to get revelations and insight. Oh, howe I understood God and the
> world and felt myself like the Messiah whose task it would be to tell
> His truth to everybody around. (Bad metallic taste in the mouth
> afterwards, though!)
>   Real life has been considerably different, although I nowadays
> appreciate the smaller pieces of understanding much more than the
> pseudohallucinatory insights of long ago..
> Dag Stenberg
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