the neural net and artificial intelligence

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>Subject: the neural net and artificial intelligence

>A thinking machine will not be built for reasons of cost.

It is actually very cheap.   15 million for the first one.

> We can examine the
>human neural net. An explanation of how the neural net works will serve as a
>design for a thinking machine, a design not to be implemented.

In a way you are correct, harmonic memory like a song.

>We see no place for the predicate calculus or Turing machines.

Wrong it will approach a unity of zero made of + 1/2 and - 1/2.   This is
calculus or goodness of fit.

> The various
>approaches of artificial intelligence have stalled, connectionism is lost in
>pattern recognition.

Wrong.  All the necessary work has been accomplished and builds on the
efforts of all that has gone before but in a strange novel way.

> It is the wiring of the neural net that holds promise.

Wrong, but the principles will live on in correlational oppositional ratio
enhanced calculations.

>A natural fallout from neural net explanation and design will be a
>demonstration that consciousness is not needed in a material universe.

Uncertain at this moment, but I would suspect that consciousness is very

> This
>makes cognitive science moot.

Not really, it has been confirmed.

Ron Blue

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