brain damage

Marcello Spinella marshmallow at
Mon Nov 23 18:21:06 EST 1998

Have you considered neuroleptic medication?  Not for the infant who
suffered basal ganglia damage, but for yourself.

kkollins at wrote:
> Pass this along to the Parents...
> Everything here is contingent upon your providing more info... how was the damage
> to the basal ganglia diagnosed? Where, specifically, is the damage located? How
> precisely is the damage located?
> If the damage is not in the tracts leading into the thalamus (putamen and globis
> pallidus where "small damage" can have relatively-large effects), then the
> prognosis is good, and you should "just" "enrich" your Infant's environment,
> =Gently=, but as much as possible, as soon as possible. You can do this through
> extra efforts at what's "just" Good-Parenting... lots of gentle touch, good
> eye-contact, lots of "baby-talk", =always= responding to any signs of progress with
> gentle, Loving, Focused, =Attention=... and remember to =Smile= Joyfully right into
> your Infant's eyes each time your Infant shows Progress in Learning new stuff. A
> =Gentle= "frown" when things "go awry" will help your Infant Understand that things
> have "gone awry".
> Don't be a "wimp", though, or your Infant will "take-over", and you'll not be happy
> with the ultimate outcome.
> Get some Interesting crib toys, rug toys, etc., and vary them continually so that
> your Infant will always have =Novel= stuff to Explore. Give "hints" when necessary
> (when your Infant shows behavioral signs of "frustration"), but always let your
> Infant Discover "the key thing".
> When your Infant wants to sleep, let your Infant sleep (of course, in accord with
> your Family's regular routine... just like any Infant).
> Hugs, kisses, gentle "cooing"... give your Infant "the works"... the Bonus is
> you'll Bond for Life, have "Fun", and Feel-Good about your Parenting, too.
> Throughout all of this, be in contact with as many Professionals as you can afford
> until you're Satisfied that your Infant's behavior is developing "normally".
> If the "problem" is as small as you say, there's no "mystery", and not really any
> "problem"... if you "just" Love your Infant... Infant brains have =Enormous=
> Capacity for compensating for small injuries... and even some large injuries.
> The "secret" is "just" Loving "'til the fat lady sings"... which is =the= thing to
> do with =all= Infants. ken collins

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