the neural net and artificial intelligence

Jim Hunter jim.hunter at
Tue Nov 24 15:15:53 EST 1998

Ray Scanlon wrote:

> Ray Scanlon wrote in message <3658d07b.0 at>...
> >A thinking machine will not be built for reasons of cost. We can examine
> the
> >human neural net. An explanation of how the neural net works will serve as
> a
> >design for a thinking machine, a design not to be implemented.
> >
> Cost:
> An estimate of the number of neurons in the human brain is 100 billion. How
> many neurons in the entire net? 200 billion? What shall we say about the
> cost of a   neuromime? A dollar? A cent? Put it at one cent, then 200
> billion neuromimes would cost two billion dollars. That's quite a lot of
> money to pay for a curiosity when PhD's are available at $50,000.

   Eh, AI and associated "research" has already wasted far more
   pennies than anybody will ever count. Whoosh, goes the cosmic toilet.
   If the gov't, who is paying for almost all of this, gets a PhD for a total
   cost of $50k I think the degree would have to be in inverse basket weaving.

   Remember, as far as intelligence is concerned, we are fairly sure that
   human intelligence can never be captured with a computer. That does
   not mean that humans are inherently more intelligent than computers.


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