antibodies to ion channels

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Mon Nov 23 22:08:04 EST 1998

Unfortunately, my copy of the program for the Society for Neuroscience
meeting just past (Nov 8-12, Los Angeles) is at my hospital desk, so I
cannot give you a name; but the meeting opened (Sat. evening) with a
mind-boggling presentation by an ion channel maven, including 3-D
rotating pictures of the K channel--surely he might know!  Might
possibly be in methods section of one or more of his papers.  How to
get his name? try the SFN website, which may include the program and
his name.   (perhaps:

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

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>Does anybody know how or where to get antibodies for fluorescent
>immunostaining of ion channels (esp. potassium channels) ??
>Andreas Wojtysiak
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