MRI with Harrington Rod????

navahwolf at navahwolf at
Mon Nov 23 19:34:34 EST 1998

I need to have an MRI on my brain to rule out MS, but I have a Harrington Rod
in my back to "correct" double scoliosis.  Everyone in my family says it's
impossible to do the MRI with a metal rod in my back.  I need to know as soon
as possible if the Harrington rod will cause problems with an MRI being done
on the brain.  I'm very worried that it may loosen the rod, as some of my
physical therapists have stated.  Any information you give me will be of
great help! If I could hear from someone who has a Harrington Rod and has had
an MRI, it would put me so much more at ease.  Karah

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