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Tue Nov 24 20:17:03 EST 1998

November 22, 1998: Late near midnight while deciding to create more
information for a page, W. K. Mahler was reading an obituary of a persons
life that is mentioned here on the page. During that time the name of a
building as it first was and as it is now came to his mind. Looking at the
building from memory as it had appeared and how it looks presently, the
decision to include more precise information about the previous owner of the
building was made. The name of the building as it was known many years ago
was still in mind and W. K. Mahler was deciding to leave the name off the
page. As W. K. Mahler was finishing the typing for that persons name and
saved the page to file, he found a plus to the right of the picture titled
"Cats Are Kids With Fur".  As if the plus was a signifigant gesture to
indicate the name of the store should be there included on the page.

Something similar as I havev written about you might perhaps wonder?

It is a small piece of a very large page that has stories that are real and
are pieces to a larger building story.	I need your help to figure out how to
do as I have seen done for myself using only my brain and not with the aide
of someone else.


William K. Mahler
mahler at gis.net
The page is at:  http://www.gis.net/~mahler/womp.htm

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