ER potential and Ca release

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Tue Nov 24 19:55:27 EST 1998

G'd-aye Might, I've also had a Formal Challenge before the Neuroscience
Community for more than 20 years. It's reiterated in the Preface of the
"Automation of Knowing..." ms. (AoK).

There've been several Tests", all handled Successfully "except" one in
which a small "cross-roads" collection of neruons was brought up in the
form of a paper that didn't bother to say anything... I didn't take up
this "test" because I'dve had to respond by writing a Neuroanatomy text,
which I'll Gladly do, but not while I've got to work two Jobs... and the
particular set of cells in question will be, at most, a footnote.
(everything's in the Fairly-Witnessed archives I've maintained).

I can't do anything about folk's "not wanting to get-involved", other
than Studying, and Learning from, the overall Dynamics. Cheers, Terry,
ken collins

Terry Smith wrote:

> > From: wej3715 at (Walter Eric Johnson)
> > Date: 23 Nov 1998 22:52:48 GMT
> > kkollins at wrote:
> > : I've a Formal Challenge before the Physics Community, asking that
> > My rommate was amused.
> That was most impolite. It wasn't a formal challenge, it was a Formal
> Challenge.
> Terry
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