the neural net and artificial intelligence

Ray Scanlon rscanlon at
Tue Nov 24 17:45:09 EST 1998

Jim Hunter wrote in message
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>   Remember, as far as intelligence is concerned, we are fairly sure that
>   human intelligence can never be captured with a computer. That does
>   not mean that humans are inherently more intelligent than computers.

If by "captured with a computer" you are referring to programmed von Neuman
computer, I agree.
This computer is limited by too many orders of magnitude.

If you include an assortment of neuromimes (design only), I strongly

When we understand how the brain works, then we shall be able to put such a
design on paper. At present we are overwhelmed by a flood of philosophical
garbage. Lucky for us, neuroscientists seem to be able to ignore the flood.

Those interested in how the brain works might look at

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