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Is it really possible?  That he heard "CREB" and thought Krebs??  But
whence "cycle" ?  Maybe he had studied Krebs cycle years ago and was
thereby primed to hear CREB as kreb???  Possible.  But I find it hard
to believe that Kandel would have said he intended to market a pill in
10 years (or ever).   And yet, and yet... Columbia has invested a lot
in its new biotech/commercial facilities (where Malcom X was shot)...

(Did you really see this program, or is this just an inspired guess?)

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

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>> I saw a show on the Discovery Channel last week (Nov 15-Nov 20)
>> memory.  
>> It had a article on a doctor named "kandell" (not sure about
>> who was doing reseach on the krebs cycle in rodents.  Apparently he
>> having success in helping older rats improve their memory by using a
>> substance(drug) he developed.  It was said that he intends to market
>> substance as a pill in the next 10 years.
>> Also in a seperate part of the same show was a article about a man
>> HM who had amnesia for the past 30-40 years after a surgery.
>Dr. Eric Kandel at Columbia University in New York City is the man.
>research in question is about a class of proteins called cyclic AMP
>response-element binding proteins: CREB. These proteins have been show
>to activate gene transcription in vertebrates and invertebrates
>following specific types of training procedures designed to induce
>long-term memory formation.
>Bob Mihalek, Ph.D.
>University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
>Department of Anesthesiology/CCM

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