the neural net and artificial intelligence

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Wed Nov 25 21:51:30 EST 1998

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>DM Bolser wrote:
>> [...] Godel proved that no system can describe reality completely accurately,
> so
>> transcending the system is the only way to see the truth.
>Godel's Proof beats itself over the head. Everything you folks are "arguing"
> about
>was Reified decades ago.
>To save you the "trouble", discussion will occur in-person, before Fair
> Witnesses,
>or, for the forseeable future, not-at-all. I've recently reiterated the
>old-long-since explanation of Why it must be so. So "go away". K. P. Collins

What is this "go away" shit?
Who are you to send anyone away?
And to go where?

And why should the other person go
and you assume that YOU don't have to go even further?

Are you just a sucking parasite, totally incapable
of facing the music?
You can not tolerate the views of others?
Then why are you reading it, mr. suckazoid,
sucking worse than a monkey ass?

You parasitic "go away" bio-robotic programming is
nothing but uttern inability to face the "undesirable elements".

You see, you brain needs to be maintained in complete
conceptual simplicity of 10 basic concepts and a few
simple instructions.
Else you just get confused, or even worse,
start questioning this parasitic system of suckitalism of yours.

YOU go away this time.

And FEEL it.
See how it feels to be sent away by the most idiotic
sub-morons, violent, insensitive, opressive and dominative,
while talking about artificial "intelligence",
which is utter delusion and nothing more,
that a most obvious contradiction of terms.

Do you have to this very moment a SINGLE example
of artificial "intelligence"?

Well, if not, then why don't you go
and suck some dead donkey's ass?

Revelations are bound to happen.

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